Praise to Allah SWT for His blessings and guidance, that the documents preparation of service standard, has been resolved with good result, which later can be used as reference and guidelines for the service work that will be carried out by the apparatus of BBKP Surabaya.

This documents preparation of service standard is guide by the consitution No. 25 year 2009 about Public Service and Government regulation number 96 year 2012 about the implementation of constitution number 25 year 2009 about public service. With the work program of bureaucratic reform that has been rolled out by the gorvernment therefore every public service agencies has the obligation to improve their works to be more effective, efficient, transparant, responsive and accountable.

This Service Standard is the guidelines for the service executive within the BBKP Surabayda environment to carry out the service duties and also as information to all the people who use the service in the BBKP Surabaya, inside or the outside of BBKP Surabaya, from the related agencies or the common public.

We would like to say our gratitude to all parties that helped us from the beginning until the end of the service standard document preparation process, Hopefully this service standards can be well executed with full of responsibility to improve the quality of BBKP SUrabaya service.

Generally, Public Service Standards of BBKP Surabaya (SPP BBKP) consist of:

1. Preliminary
2. Terms and Definition
3. Organization Profile
4. Management Conditions
5. Management Responsibility
6. Resource Providing
7. Service Realization
8. Measurements, Analysis and Correction

Documents in SPP BBKP Surabaya consist of:


1.1. Animals Quarantine Service Procedure Documents
1.2. Plants Quarantine Service Procedure Documents

2.1. Animals Quarantine Service Job Instruction
2.1.1. Animals Quarantine Service Procedure Job Instruction
2.1.2. Animals Quarantine Service Tools Job Instruction
2.1.3. Animals Quarantine Special Job Instruction
2.1.4. Animals Quarantine Service Special Job Instruction

2.2. Plants Quarantine Service Job Instruction
2.2.1. Plants Quarantine Procedure Job Instruction
2.2.2. Plants Quarantine Special Job Instruction

3.1. Animals Quarantine Service Forms
3.2. Plants Quarantine Service Forms


Standard Pelayanan Publik


Quarantine Service Standard Time (download pdf here)