Agriculture Quarantine is the frontline to protect the existence of animal and plant resources. It strategical existence is absolutely required since Indonesia is a nation of agriculture and archipelago.

Balai Besar Karantina Pertanian (BBKP) Surabaya is one of Technical Implementation Unit (UPT) within Agricultural Quarantine Agency – The ministry of Agriculture as a result of combining Animals Quarantine Unit of Tanjung Perak and Plantation Quarantine Unit of Tanjung Perak. This unit is formed by the regulation of the minister of the agriculture Number 22/Permentan/Ot.140/4/2008 dated 3 April 2008 regarding Organization and Working Procedure of Technical Implementation Unit of Agricultural Quarantine.

Animals Quarantine Unit of Tanjung Perak was formed at 1978, and named Karantina Kehewanan Wilayah III Surabaya, and for Plants Quarantine Unit of Tanjung Perak was formed at 1980 and named Plants Quarantine Branch of Tanjung Perak.


To be the frontline of quarantine services that is firm, profesional, modern and trustworthy in the east java in 2019


To protect animals and Plants resources from pests and diseases
Quarantine animals (HPHK) and Quarantine Plants Disturbing Organism (OPTK)
Improving the operational management of animals and plants quarantine
To create Service quality management system by implementing SNI ISO 9001:2008 consistently
To create competency as testing laboratory by implementing SNI ISO/IEC 17025:2008 and accredited Biosafety Level 2 (BSL-2) Laboratory
To encourage the establishment of the role of national quarantine in acceptable agricultural commodities export acceleration and able to compete in the international market.
To support the success of agrobusiness program and national food security.
To build quarantine care agricultural community of indonesia


“Care for Health, Safety and Environment”


1. Commitment;
2. Exemplary;
3. Integrity;
4. Discipline;


Hereby, we declare ourselves able to carry out the service work according to the standards that have been established, and ready to accept any punishments for every unfollow-up complains according to the regulations.


Carrying out the operational quarantine of animals and plants, as well as supervision of biosafety, animal dan vegetable.