Based on the decision letter of minister of agriculture number: 22/Permentan/OT.140/4/2008 tgl. 3 April 2008 about Organization and Working Procedure of Technical Implementation Unit of Agriculture, Animal Quarantine unit has the duty and function to give operational service of animal quarantine, supervision of animal bio-safety, and technical facility, also system information and document management.

In implementing its duties and functions, Animal Quarantine unit coordinating with functional officer coordinator in order to facilitate the animal quarantine act and supervision of animal bio-safety.

The addition of enter points and exit points in BBKP Surabaya work area, are based on the resolution of enter and exit point in regulation of the minister of agriculture Number 44/Permentan/OT.140/2014 dated March 25th, 2014, about the resolution of enter and exit point of quarantined animal disease carrier and quarantined plant pests, which consist of: Kediri Postal Office, Malang Postal Office and Paciran Harbour.

tempat pemasukan pengeluaran BBKP sub

The activities of animals quarantine of the appointed 15 enter/exit points happen in most of the location except Kediri Postal Office and Tanjung Tembaga Harbour Probolinggo. Whilst certification service at the surabaya postal office is combined with Juanda Airport, Malang postal office with Abdul Rahman Sales Airport, Paciran Harbour with Sedayu Lawas Harbour, Jangkar Harbour with Kalbut Harbour Situbondo, and Tanjung Wangi Harbour with Ketapang Harbour since the frequency of activities is still low.

The operational activities includes imports, exports and between areas (domestic entrance and domestic exit), specifically for imports and exports activities in Tanjung Perak Harbour, Juanda Airport dan Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport (via Malang postal office), The recapitulation number of frequency of activities, based on carrier and work area of BBKP Surabaya 2014 displayed at table 2-4 below.

Tabel2. Rekapitulasi TK hewan 2014

Tabel3. Rekapitulasi Frek TK Hewan 2014

Tabel4. Rekap frek TK hewan wilker 2014

The quarantine activities of BBKP Surabaya, the highest frequency for each group of carrier is Domestic Exit (64.777 frq), followed by Domestic Entrance (8.078 frq), Imports (7.888 frq) and last is Exports (4.751 frq). Whilst the highest frequency beased on work area is Juanda Airport (39.204 frq), Tanjung Perak Harbour(29.583 frq), Ketapang Harbour (13.498 frq), Abdul Rahman Saleh Airport (1.329 frq), Sangkapura Harbour (660 frq), Sedayu Lawas Harbour (352 frq), Kalbut Harbour (339 frq), Kalibuntu Harbour (319 frq), Gresik Harbour (208 frq).

Comparison of the frequency of imports, exports and between area operational activities based of act of quarantine and MP HPHK in year 2014 displayed in Image 1-4 below.

Gbr1. Frek MPH IMP EXP 2014

Gbr2. Frek MPH MAS KEL DOM 2014

Gbr3. Frek TKH IMP EXP 2014

Gbr4. Frek TKH MAS KEL DOM 2014

Comparison of the frequency of imports and exports activities for animals quarantine, based on animal materials product (HBAH) the frequency of exports activities is higher than imports, whilst for other things the frequency of imports activities is higher than exports. The total summary of imports frequency is higher than exports and domestic exits is higher than domestic entrance.

Gbr5. Frek MPH tingk RISK 2014

The frequency of operational activities in year 2014, calculated based on level of risk MP HPHK categorization, in accordance with the Decision Letter of Chief of Agriculture Quarantine Agency number 1953/Kpts/OT.160/L/10/2012 for low risk MP (Animals) is 37%, medium risk MP (animal materials) is 14% and low risk MP (animal materials product and other things) is 18%. Refers to the regulation of minister of agriculture number 34/Permentan/OT.140/7/2006 regarding the conditions and the procedures of setting animals quarantine installation. Quarantine installation is a building, includes with all the necessary tools, area and other means of support for quarantine activities facility. As for animals quarantine installation and animal product of BBKP Surabaya, the resolution has been published in year 2014 as displayed an table 17.

Tabel17. Penetapan IKH & IKPH 2014

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